1st EPAL Sykeon: Exploring the Future with Artificial Intelligence- final report

Exploring the Future: A Journey into Artificial Intelligence with eTwinning

Our eTwinning project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been an innovative initiative to prepare students for success in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. This collaborative project brought together students from different countries and levels of classes to delve into AI, develop practical examples, and create innovative projects. By fostering a deep understanding of AI, promoting awareness of its ethical implications, and highlighting the importance of security, this project has prepared students for a technology-driven future.

Project Aims:

  1. Immediate Understanding: The project aimed to provide students with a practical understanding and application of AI technologies.
  2. Research and Experience: Students enhanced their research capabilities and gained hands-on experience with AI tools and technologies.
  3. Ethics and Security Awareness: A key focus was raising awareness about the ethical considerations and security concerns associated with AI.
  4. Skill Development: Through collaborative efforts, students improved their communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.
  5. Global Digital Citizenship: The project fostered a global understanding of digital citizenship and the responsible use of technology.

Work Process:

The project ran from December 15th, 2023, to April 5th, 2024. Students engaged in activities designed to achieve the project's objectives throughout this period, including gaining foundational knowledge of AI, developing technological skills, understanding ethical and security aspects of AI, improving communication and collaboration skills, and learning about global digital citizenship.

Events and Activities:

To support the project's aims, we organized a variety of events and activities, including a comprehensive guidebook on AI basics, engaging podcasts featuring AI experts, training materials for hands-on experience with AI technologies, a dedicated website showcasing the project's progress, interactive puzzles for learning, research presentations on AI topics, and practical experiments applying AI concepts in real-world scenarios.

Common and Collaborative Products:

Our project emphasized both individual and collaborative learning experiences by having students create stories, develop coding projects, and collaborate on an e-magazine and a special event on eTwinning Day.

This eTwinning project not only provided students with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence but also prepared them for the ethical and security challenges of the digital world. By fostering collaboration and international digital citizenship, we have shaped the next generation of tech-savvy, responsible global citizens. Our journey into the future of AI has been an exciting and enlightening experience for all involved.